Be nothing

Cold Blooded Camouflage

An untold amount of blood has been lost to the pursuit of being unseen.

On every continent of this planet, from every ocean and sea to the highest peaks there are creatures that have evolved to conceal themselves to hunt their prey. Nature always finds a way. Our design ethos reflects the incredible camouflage found in nature. Camouflage which inherently exploits how eyes and brains function while blending and disrupting like nothing else does.

Camouflage is not about appearing to be something. It is about being nothing.

Our camouflage solutions are engineered for the operator. There is no greater asset to the modern warfighter than effective camouflage in a complex, sensor rich environment. Our approach is different to many; we do not seek to provide visual concealment that work in many theatres and thus sacrifice performance. Our solutions provide theatre specific camouflage that excels.

Be Nothing

Our patterns look different because we are not trying to blend into a treeline or mimic a rock. Our patterns are designed to encourage the sub-conscious mind to decide that what the eye perceives is part of the environment and not something that requires a closer look. To be seen but not noticed.

Operator First

We exist to serve the modern warfighter. To give the split second advantage as the threshold is breached. Our patterns disrupt the way the eye and brain function to give you the edge. Our patterns can also introduce elements of aposematism. Put simply, we seek to induce fear.

Give No Quarter

We have embarked on a relentless pursuit of excellence to enhance the modern warfighter. To give the confidence to keep going forward. To win.

Multi-scale Eye-brain Interference

Our patterns exploit weaknesses in how the eyes and brain communicate information. Using this approach, we combine multi-scale elements to provide disruption at a range of distances. Because of this approach, our concealment patterns take effect within 10m of the observer meaning that we can protect the warfighter in close combat scenarios.

Mission Specific Colouration

We pride ourselves on providing mission-specific concealment solutions. This means that the operator can be confident in what they wear, knowing they have the best possible advantage. We can extract colouration out of multiple sources, from satellites to close recce imagery and environmental samples.

Each of our visual concealment solutions is created in line with our primary design principle front and centre. Be nothing.

In order to achieve mission specific excellence, our patterns are wide ranging and often designed for a specific task. There is no one size fits all. Furthermore, we offer our customers exclusive rights to their visual signature reduction solutions in order to prevent false flags and fratricide. Thus, offering the unique visual branding that our specifically designed and tested patterning provides.

How we generate our patterns is a trade secret and one we are proud of.

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